Three-way ball

T-pattern three way valve balls are for working in T-pattern three way ball valves. The T-pattern three way ball valve is called a mixer valve since the media of two inlet flows can be mixed within the valve.

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Product Name: Three-way ball

NPS 1”~10” (DN25~250)

Pressure Rating: Class 150~600(PN16~100)

Base Material: ASTM A105,A350 LF2,A182 F304,A182 F316,A182 F6A,A182 F51,A182 F53,A564 630(17-4PH) Monel.

Coatings: ENP, Chrome Plating, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide, Stellite, Inconel, Special.

Support Type: Stet

Drive: Key Hole

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It’s leaving the valve on the other end. In a way, all three ports can be opened at one time. The T-pattern ball valve will also act as a diverter so that it can operate in the same manner as the L-type valve. It could be achieved with a quarter-turn of the handle. T-patterns cannot have a bubble-tight shut-off, but they can restrict the flow to two ports or facilitate the passage to all three ports.

As a mixer, the T-pattern ball valve will separate the media into two opposite directions. Its design helps the T-pattern to divide the flow or simply make a straight-through flow pattern, just like the two-way ball valve. The typical port is still open for the vertically mounted T-pattern ball valve. The only way to divert the flow is by turning it a quarter turn. A 180-turn is not going to alter the flow of the media.

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