The high hardness and wear resistance of the hard sealing ball

The hard sealing ball is the opening and closing ball series of GM’s ball valves, equipped with various high temperature, high pressure and wear-resistant ball valves. -Cr-W C and W surfacing alloy has the lowest toughness and is one of the best. It is resistant to cold and thermal shocks, trends under small cracks, and has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

The characteristics of the hard seal ball are:

1. Small flow resistance

When the penetrating eyeball valve is opened, the sphere channel, the diameter of the body and the connecting pipe and forming a diameter, the medium can be without loss.

2.Quickly open/close

The ball can rotate 90 degrees and the ball valve is fully open.

3. High hardness and wear resistance

HRV has the highest hardness, 67-72 is suitable for different working conditions, more impurities, and particles pass through severely corrosive media and belts.

4. High temperature resistance.

The maximum temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius, suitable for various high temperature and high pressure water, steam, petroleum, coal, steel and other industries.

Post time: Nov-10-2020